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Below are are the Most Asked Questions about SILKY.   Please be sure to also visit SILKY's blog for more information and discussion about SILKY!

What's wrong with using a cotton pillow case?
Healthy hair requires air and moisture to be its best.  For nightly hair renewal, you'll want to sleep on a texture that helps retain your hair's natural moisture.  As cotton is an absorbent fiber, it's textural properties can actually dry out your hair.

Is Silky the cap available is other sizes?
No . One size fits most.

How do I care for Silky?
Machine or hand wash delicate cycle, cold water.

Will I sweat with Silky the cap on?
Silky is derived from wood pulp and is an all natural fabric. So your scalp will breath. However, if you already sweat in your scalp, then yes you will sweat with anything you put on your head at night.

Is Silky the cap for all hair types?
Yes.  All hair dries and breaks from cotton pillowcases, perms, coloring etc. Silky will hold the moisture to the hair keeping it vibrant, and preventing drying and breaking.



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How do I wear Silky the cap?
Place all of your hair inside cap and push the cap back to the hairline. If the cap is a little taught (snug) at first, then turn cap inside out and do the same pushing cap back to the hairline. Wear cap a few days. You cap will loosen because of your body heat, oils and moisture.

What is the difference between the fabric SILKY uses and other fabrics?

dries out the hair resulting in hair breakage ( example: cotton pillowcases, alcohol based hair sprays and gels, bleached or colored hair)

Satin: a manmade fabric, often causing perspiring and drying out of hair shafts.

Silk: a natural fabric made by silkworms. The scalp breathes and hair glides over the fabric leaving hair soft, silky and healthy.

Rayon: a natural fabric derived from wood pulp, which causes the hair and scalp to breath hold moisture to the hair, As a result , the hair is also soft, silky and healthy.

SILKY's rayon is one of the finest rayon's made to date. The hair glides over the sueded rayon like smooth silk maintaining its shine, durability and luster.
Just like years ago, you would "tie your hair up with a silk scarf at night routine" or a little house on the prairie bonnet... well Now here's Silky the cap!! All hair dries and breaks if not covered by a natural and breathable fabric covering your head or pillow case.

All of SILKY's fabrics are dyed/ garment washed products. Some irregularities of color between the fabrics and trims are all natural results of this process, and not considered fabric defects. Silky will rarely slip off and you will not experience headaches from our soft silky edge


What if I get a line across my forehead from the cap?
Take a warm face towel. Apply to forehead for a few minutes and the line should go away.

Why buy Silky the cap over other caps?
Silky the cap is tested and tried for over 17 years. Silky stops hair damage, drying and breaking. Silky protects the hair and helps restore vitality and vigor to your hair. Silky will lasts for years to come unlike your less expensive satin or nylon, caps that are similar and are not natural fabrics.

How does SILKY fit into various times of day?
Morning: remove cap from your head, shake or style your hair and be beautiful.

Daytime: Silky will protect your hair from the morning frizzies, mist and damp weather.

Bedtime: Put on your silky, push or lay your hair up into the cap and let the fabric help keep your hair silky and soft. Hand or machine wash your Silky products separately with a mild or organic soap, (for delicates) cool water. Line or hang dry. Drying in a warm dryer may cause elastic to loosen a bit, but not excessive electric drying.

Never go to bed with your natural hair or extensions etc. damp or wet!!

Is SILKY useful for Oncology, Chemotherapy, and Radiation Patients?
In a time of cancer awareness and recovery programs, Silky has been an alternative for some of Southern California's leading hospitals. During and after treatments, when your new hair grows back in, sometimes the hair may be fine, stubble or prickle-like in texture at first, which cotton pillowcases may cause drying breakage and balding. Silky glides over the new growth thus preserving and maintaining your new healthy hair! Silky is the solution for those of you who may have to cover your head due to chemotherapy, alopecia, religious belief and or just plain old having a "bad hair day!"  Please visit our blog for more information and discussion. 


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